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Above:  The Twisungane Group

Above:  The Dufatanye Group

November 2023, Tools for Hope, Inc. Newsletter



Dufatanye group is doing well.  This month, there were two farmers, Isaiah and Vestine, whose pigs gave birth.  They are happy and grateful because their pigs gave birth.

Isaiah is a young man among others in the group, but he has two children.  Diane thanks him because he applied what he has learned about how to take care of his pig with his wife; their pigs are fed well, and they are delighted because his pig gave birth to 8 piglets. These include four female piglets and four male piglets.   As you see in the picture, all piglets look good and healthy.  He told Dime that after two months, he wanted to sell four piglets and expand his shed, and he expected to sell each piglet for $85.00.  He is encouraged to continue to raise pigs.

Isaiah and his pigs 

Vestine is a young lady with one child and is pregnant.  Her pig gave birth to 7 piglets, but suddenly, one piglet died after birth.  But she continued to care for the others, and now they are in good health.  Diane advised her to improve hygiene on her pig and in the shed.  Because when Diane visited her, her pig and shed were not clean.  Other members are still waiting for their piglets.  Diane will share with us the issues they faced in the next month.

Dufatanye members are still paying the loan monthly as they can.

Blessings from the Dufatanye Group



                                                    TWISUNGANE Group

Photo of Twisungane members (from right to left: Epiphanie, Samuel, Josiane, Richard, Celestin, Diane, Claudine, and Richard)



Twisungane group is doing great.  They started their bible study with Diane; they attended and participated in sharing through scripture.  They read in Luke 5:17-26 the story of Jesus Forgiving and healing a paralyzed Man. Jesus has the authority on earth to forgive our sins and heal our diseases.  Not only ourselves but also our relatives, friends, and neighbors who are not saved when we bring them to Christ and when we have faith.  This was what they took as a highlight. 

They enjoyed the moment together as everyone was willing to participate.  After sharing the scriptures, we shared our thanksgiving and prayer requests.  Some of them have spouses and relatives who are not saved; We prayed for them and others who got sick.

Apart from the spiritual life, Diane and the group discussed growing apples; Diane shared the advantages of growing apples and asked them if they could accept growing apples. 

They responded that they did not accept the idea and gave Diane some facts like climate change issues in their area.  Drought is the significant impact of climate change experienced in the Bugesera district.  Apple trees cannot tolerate their climate.  Apples tend to thrive in environments where it's cold in the winter, moderate in the summer, and has medium to high humidity rather than a hot and dry climate.

After discussion, Diane also assessed soil PH by using the method TFH shared with Diane.  

According to that soil assessment and their insights, they told me they would continue growing some vegetables instead of apples.

Tools for Hope is willing to hear farmers' ideas instead of forcing them to do what they do not want.

Thank you for your support.

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Thank you for your continued support of Rwandan subsistence farmers.
Please send this newsletter along to anyone you feel may benefit from it. 

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October 2023, Tools for Hope, Inc. Newsletter



Outside Claudine’s home:  Claudine on the left to right, Celestin, Diane, Venuste, Samuel and Richard


The Twisungane farmer's group has been doing well.  They started agriculture season A, which runs from September to January.  They grow beans and maize. 

A tremendous step has been taken because they no longer struggle to get seeds and fertilizers at the start of the agriculture season.  This is because they used their weekly savings, which helped them to buy seeds and fertilizers.

Apart from improving their lives through agricultural activities.  Diane also thought that now is a great time to build a community where they experience spiritual growth by creating a small bible study group.  Diane introduced them to the idea of creating a bible study group; they received it joyfully.  Such an activity helps them become more like Jesus in every area. 

All members of Twisungane are not Christian, and many are old, but it is also an excellent approach to share the gospel (demonstration of God’s love for the world) with them.  This group will also be a place where members feel loved, served, bear each other’s burden, encouraged, exhorted, prayed for, equipped, speak truth in love, confess sins, and treat each other as precious members of one body and care and share, to challenge and support, to confide and acknowledge, to forgive and be forgiven, to laugh and weep together, to be accountable to each other, to watch over each other, to grow together and pray for one another’s needs.

In the picture at the beginning of this newsletter, we were at Claudine’s house.  We discussed where and when we would meet, and they decided to gather once a week, rotating between one of the members' homes.  Pray for us.  We hope Jesus will restore and save us together.




                         Photo of Dufatanye members


Dufatanye group is doing well and very thankful that their children had a good fellowship; it has been a blessing to them to see their children learn the word of God, pray together, and learn from one another.  They requested that Tools for Hope organize this fellowship each year during the school holidays if convenient.

We continue to thank God for supporting them in the Pig farming project.  This month, there is a farmer called Azarias whose pig gave birth to 6 piglets. All piglets are healthy.

He fed their piglets to help his sow(pig); he separated the piglets and sow in the same shed but in different cages and allowed the piglet to suckle milk from its mother 8-10 times a day.  It is an excellent technique to help his sow to grow without stress.

Diane encouraged them to continue the culture of savings.  They do it weekly, helping them buy animal feed, seeds, and fertilizer and pay school fees for their children.  Not only that, but occasionally, a group member needs more money to purchase drugs for their pig, so the other members of the group lend money to them so that they can do so.  After a given time agreed upon by group members, they pay back the money.

Other members are still waiting for their pigs to give birth.

Be blessed.

You can see several of the YouTube-TFH videos at

Or by searching for Tools For Hope Inc. and ‘clicking’ on Videos.

Thank you for your continued support of Rwandan subsistence farmers.
Please send this newsletter along to anyone you feel may benefit from it. 

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September 2023, Tools for Hope, Inc. Newsletter

                                     DUFATANYE GROUP


                           Photo of Children and their parents


This month, we had an excellent children's fellowship event.  We thank God for his work in Children.  It was a great joy to meet and learn together with children, and it has been Diane's privilege to work with the children, not only with them but also with their parents.

 Dufatanye group thanks the Lord for using TFH to support them financially to improve their lives and spiritually through teaching their children the word of God.  In this fellowship, the kids and Diane had a great moment; we interacted by sharing the word of God, food and drinks, and different games.

The kids were excited about playing, learning the word of God, and eating with one another.

 Kids enjoyed food and drinks together.

Diane separated Youth and Children twice according to the lesson she was supposed to teach them.  This allowed each age to interact and learn from each other.

The first class of children was from 4 to 12 years old.  They learned about to love and grow in Jesus.  In this class, I focused on the parable of the Lost son from Luke 15:11-32

After the lesson, there was a memory verse; they recited the memory verses from John 3:16.

The youth group was from 13-20 years old.

We learnt through discussion, and the topic was  ″How the world sees homosexuality and how God sees and hates it.

We read

  •        Genesis 19:1-14
  •        Romans 1:21-28
  •       1 Corinthians 6:9-10

Diane separated them into two groups to discuss the word of God, but all of them did not have Bibles, which was a challenge; they requested TFH to kindly give them gifts of the Bible to help them improve the culture of reading the bible.

The teenagers have expressed their thankfulness to God for the messages from TFH and the fact that TFH has helped their families prosper.


Seeing a young person grow into an authentic and passionate relationship with the God who created them is exciting. After fellowship, the parents came to visit and enjoyed with their kids.  They asked to organize this fellowship every school holiday because it is an excellent opportunity for them as they will gain a strong knowledge of biblical truth through the bible, and they hope that it will impact their children.

It has been a blessing to support this fellowship.  We thank God for what he has done for us.

It is fo, and without a doubt, we will never know our impact until the other side of eternity.

 Be blessed!



                                                    TWISUNGANE Group

Photo of Twisungane members (Samuel on the right side, Richard, Donat, Celestin, Diane, Claudine, and Epiphanie)


The Twisungane farmer's group has been doing well.  They are still waiting for buyers; one client wanted to buy it for $2500 but refused to resell it because the longer they wait, the more money they will get.  Now they want to resell it for between $3000 and $3500.  The place is good, has a good view facing Kigali city and is very promising.  At the same time, they are asking for other places they can buy once they sell this one.

This month, an older man called Donat asked me for advice and information about Duck farming.  I encouraged him to start that small project, and I gave him some info, and then he decided to begin; he was able to purchase 4 Ducks, three females, and one male.  Duck farming is like other domestic poultry birds, such as chickens.  Ducks are raised for meat and egg production purposes.  Duck meat is being consumed as an alternative to chicken meat.

The mature one cost around 12$, the others were 7$.  Ducklings grow at a faster rate compared to other domestic birds, and they occupy less space.

There are many breeds, but he chose Muscovy ducks because they are Rwanda's most widely available duck breed.  Males can weigh 7 kg.  at maturity, while females weigh 3 kg at maturity.  They take 35 days to hatch their eggs.

Th Ducks are hardier birds than chickens and quickly adapt to adverse climatic conditions.  And can survive even without vaccination.  The free-range system is suitable for ducks.

They love to eat kitchen wastes like vegetables and rice and nutritious feed like corn and grains, which increase the egg size and production size; they do not need to be always provided with commercial feed.  It is cost-effective as farmers do not spend much on feed like other animals.  Daily care and management are less than any poultry birds; they do not require a lot of supervision.

It is a good initiative; Diane encouraged others to start with a few, and then they will gain a profit.

Thank you for your continued support of Rwandan subsistence farmers.
Please send this newsletter along to anyone you feel may benefit from it. 

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August 2023, Tools for Hope, Inc. Newsletter


Left to Right (back row children with Diane); Celestin, Diane, Samuel, Epiphanie, and Richard. (July 2023)

Twisungane Group in August 2017 with TFH employee Deo in the foreground.  Notice improvements in the children's apparent health and dress.  The Twisungane group has doubled in size and more than quadrupled in income since then.


The Twisungane farmer's group has been doing well.  And they appreciated how TFH helped their children to gain a strong knowledge of biblical truth through bible study and sharing with others.

Children's Fellowship in Twisungane

We thank God for this holiday children's fellowship that we have organized.  It went great, and Diane got just what she expected.  The main goal of this fellowship is to help kids develop strong friendships with others so that they can grow spiritually together while engaging in many activities that are wholesome and pleasing to God.  The children were of various ages, but Diane separated them based on age.

The children shared tea and snacks.

Children from 12 to 18 years old learn together, and Diane engaged them in bible study; we read different scriptures Genesis 19:11-25, Romans 1:18, 27, 1 Corinthian 6:9-10, and Romans 6:23

The main goal of this bible study was

  •   To see how God hates sins, predominantly homosexual sin
  •   The reward of sins and the gift of God
  •  To discuss the way forward to avoid this sin.

They played different games like football.

After playing, we shared a meal.

Way forward

This month Diane started her Children’s Fellowship groups with the Twisungane, and next month she will work with the Dufatanye group.  It is a step we have been taking because the word of God is an incorruptible beginning for them now that they are young.  In the future, they will grasp what we taught them, and Diane wants to see them growing through prayer, Bible reading, and managing different life challenges.

From the Canadian Medical Association Journal at:

“Rwanda appears to be stemming the tide of the HIV/AIDS epidemic as health experts report that the HIV prevalence rate in this small East African nation has fallen below 3% from a staggering 13% in the 1990s.

The country has “dramatically” reduced the burden of HIV/AIDS by scaling up education and awareness programs, prevention activities, and access to treatment, says Dr. Placidie Mugwaneza, head of HIV prevention at TRAC Plus, the nation’s center for infectious disease control….”

(HIV infection rate in the USA is ~ 0.3% vs. Rwanda’s ~3% rate) see



I am 14 years old, a child of Samuel; I thank TFH for organizing the children fellowship in holiday.  It was an opportunity to me because I learnt a lot about Sin, we have read different scripture related to it and I knew that sexually immoral, men who have sex with men will not inherit the kingdom of God.  I had desire to share this with my friends for them to be aware of it.                


My names is Hosea, I am 15 years old, I was delighted to be part of the children fellowship in holiday, where I met and connected with other children, sharing drinks, snacks and meals I enjoyed playing football and before this fellowship I was unaware of the effect of homosexual sin but now I understand that the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. I learn this through bible which is good.  I would ask TFH to buy bible for us.


I was happy to attend this children fellowship which was organized by TFH.  I learnt a lot, I connected with others and sharing different things.  We did a bible study in a group, and I got opportunity to be discipled in God’s word and after bible study I got saved.  And I would ask TFH to prepare this fellowship in every holiday.                                    


Dufatanye members 


Dufatanye group is doing excellent as well.  This month, Egidia's pig gave birth to six piglets.

While another lady lost her pig unexpectedly, she went to sleep in the evening, and when she got up in the morning, she found her pig dead in the shed.  We called the veterinarian, and he did an exam but found no cause.  The veterinarian decided to slaughter it, and the lady sold the meat and purchased another smaller pig than she had.  She made the decision herself to buy another, and we hope that it will grow quickly.

Diane with Egidia       


Egidia's pig gave birth to six piglets that are growing quickly.           


Diane with the lady who lost her pig

The Way Forward

In August, we will organize their Children's Fellowship group, which will take place around their home.  Keep praying for us.  We hope they will find the work of God.

 Be blessed.

Thank you for your continued support of Rwandan subsistence farmers.
Please send this newsletter along to anyone you feel may benefit from it. 


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JULY 2023, Tools for Hope, Inc. Newsletter


                                     DUFATANYE GROUP


We are delighted to share that Dufatanye Group continues to excel in its endeavors, including its pig farming project.  We have received exciting news about two group members, a man (Bernard), and a woman (Dativa), who have new piglets.

The lady member of the group has been blessed with six healthy piglets, while the gentleman has welcomed seven additions to his farm.  This news brings us happiness as it signifies not only the financial growth of the group but also the well-being and prosperity of the pigs and their offspring.

We are grateful for this success and attribute it to God's support and guidance.  The photo below highlights the thriving environment in which these pigs are raised, emphasizing their good health and promising future.

As we continue this path, we remain committed to fostering sustainable agricultural practices within the Dufatanye Group.  The progress made in our pig farming project is a testament to their dedication and hard work.

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to all involved in making this achievement possible.  Together, we will continue to strive for excellence and create opportunities for growth within their community.


Photo of Dativa and Bernard


Pig and piglets for Bernard.  He got seven piglets that are healthy and growing quickly.

 Dativa was happy and got six piglets.

In addition to their pig farming,  they produced a reasonable production of beans.

They appreciated and thanked TFH for their support; they started counting profits and hoped this project would help them change their lives.  I will follow up and pray for the Dufatanye group to see the sustainability of this project.

The Way Forward

Dufatanye group members continued to repay the loan at a reasonable level.  Keep praying for them; we will continue to see the project's sustainability.

 Be blessed.


                                                    TWISUNGANE Group


Right to left; Celestin, Diane Samuel, Epiphanie and Richard


The Twisungane farmer's group has experienced remarkable success in their agricultural endeavors.  We are grateful to God for His provision and the fruitful outcomes they have achieved.

When comparing the agricultural seasons A and B, it is evident that bean production has shown significant growth. This can be attributed to the strategic decision to cultivate beans on solid ground, which yielded favorable results. Unlike maize production, which faced challenges due to flooding and the cultivation of maize in marshland, the farmers' choice to grow beans on solid ground proved wise.

By adapting their farming techniques and considering the impact of environmental factors, the Twisungane farmer's group has been able to maximize their bean production while mitigating potential risks. This demonstrates their resilience and ability to make informed decisions for optimal outcomes.

We applaud the Twisungane farmer's group for their dedication, resourcefulness, and commitment to sustainable farming practices. Their success inspires them within their community and in showcasing how proper planning and adaptation can lead to positive results in agriculture.

Each farmer in the group produced a good yield of at least 100 kg of beans, and we hope it will help them with their family until the following season.



The child of Donat (one of the members of Twisungane) helps him to harvest beans.

After harvesting farmers often hang the bean strands outside their homes so the pods dry even further. After the beans are completely dried, then they are ready for “threshing.”

Thank you for your continued support of Rwandan subsistence farmers.
Please send this newsletter along to anyone you feel may benefit from it. 

June 2023, Tools for Hope, Inc. Newsletter


Implementing the project of Purchasing a land


We were at the house of the seller.

Left to right; Claude in a green t-shirt, Claudine, Celestin, Bernadette, Ramura, Diane, Samuel, Idrisa, and Donat.


Twisungane farmers group has been doing well and is grateful to Tools for Hope for giving them funds to purchase land.  They believe that this project will be successful and that it will improve their lives.  We visited various plots in their area and chose one field in a good location.  It is about 500 meters from their church.


These are photos of the land we purchased.

The land purchase agreement is made between Idrisa, and his wife, Bernadette, with the Twisungane group.  The land has UPL number 5/07/09/02/354, which means Unique Parcel Identifier number This code represents the province, district, sector, and cell of where the land is located. 

The land is 513 m2.  The length is 27 m, and the width is 19 m.  We paid the seller 2000,000 Rfw ($2000), payable in cash.

Pictures of both parties, seller, and purchaser, in discussing, writing, and signing a land purchase agreement.

We made the purchase when the Executive Secretary of the Kanzenze cell, where the land and Twisungane are located, gave his approval as a witness in front of all Twisungane groups and other witnesses from the seller's side.


New Addition to the Twisungane Group

As we mentioned in a previous report, Diane visited Samuel, and below is a photo of Samuel and his wife with a newborn child.


Below is the land purchase letter of agreement with details.