Group leader, Samuel Ndayambajimana

 Tools For Hope

Tools For Hope is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit Tennessee corporation founded by Joram Kimenyi and Richard Trevillian, aimed at facilitating growth and development for subsistence farmers in East and Central Africa. Tools may be manual farming tools such as farming hoes, hammers, screwdrivers etc. Tools could also be services like education and exposure to Micro-Finance opportunities.


Tools for Hope, Inc. 

  •  TFH Management

A Board of Directors governs our corporation. The Board members are Father Laird Bryson, Clare Roop, Bill Edwards, Rick Shipley, Father Doug Floyd, and Richard Trevillian. The Board along with Frank Matuesa, our Rwandan employee, make up the TFH management team.

Rick Shipley is Corporate Secretary, Father Doug Floyd is Corporate Treasurer, Richard Trevillian is President

Frank Mutesa Tools for Hope, Inc. Rwandan mentor to the Twisungane Cooperative 

Twisungane Cooperative

  • Management

The president (Samuel UWAMBAJIMANA,) oversees all the activities of the group and meets with Frank Mutesa from Tools For Hope (TFH), helps in partnering with other organizations whether governmental or non-governmental for the wellbeing of the group. He is charged with calling the group meetings which he chairs.

The Vice president (Venust KAMANAYO) is the advisor to the president and performs the role of president when Samuel is not present. The Twisungane group management meeting is twice each agricultural season and more when it is necessary.

The secretary (Claudine NYIRANDIMUBANZI) oversees recording all the important issues in the group’s record book and oversees informing the group members of all necessary information that comes from the group meetings and sees to it that all the effective agendas and schedules are known to the group members.

The accountant/cashier (Celestin GASENDWA) oversees the cash flow and looks for customers for the group’s harvests. She is also in charge of counting the profits and clarifying how the group members will share equally. Celestin is also in charge of collecting member contributions when they have decided a certain activity needs money.

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"Tools for Hope, Inc." is a 501(c) 3 non-profit Tennessee corporation.

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